Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy

Our morning "go outside before the wind and rains start" outing. Got to watch the recycling truck pick-up. #score

So first an earthquake, now a hurricane? Not inspiring a whole lot of confidence, East Coast...

In all seriousness, we're doing just fine over here.  I think we're far away enough from the storm's reach that all we'll get is some rain and wind.  Quinn and I got out for a bit this morning for to enjoy some fresh air and a few flashes of sunlight before the weekfull of rain that is predicted ahead. It was quite a nice outing, actually-- we got to watch the recycling truck do its pickup at the community dumpster (that's what he's watching so intently in the pic above), then ran into some friends and spent the rest of the morning hanging out with them.  A high wind advisory was to start at 2pm this afternoon, so after lunch I went ahead and picked D up early from school so we wouldn't have to be on the roads if the high winds started, and then cleared the crap off our porch just in case while the boys played at our neighbor's for a short while (weather like this makes me extra super glad to have friends within such easy walking distance).  We were supposed to go to a halloween party & trick-or-treating on campus this afternoon, but it got postponed till next week because of the weather so we instead we spent the afternoon just hanging out at home (thankfully, with minimal tears/whininess).

It's been windy but not too strong yet. The rain started in the late afternoon and will probably continue all through tomorrow, and likely the rest of the week.  Which means we might not get to do trick-or-treating on Wednesday. =(  I suppose if that's the worst part of having a hurricane go through nearby, that's not too bad. 

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