Friday, October 05, 2012

New England Colors, California Weather

I know, I know, this is getting obnoxious.  BUT I'm pretty sure we're in the middle of peak fall foliage around here, and I figure any day now all the leaves are just gonna fall off the trees and we may only have a few weeks left before the first snowfall. So I'm trying to capture how utterly gorgeous it is right now, and of course if I take pretty pictures they MUST be shared because I can't help myself.

Untitled Untitled So, so pretty today. Afternoon light. So gorgeous.

Today was a sunny, warm, absolutely incredibly gorgeous day.  It was about 75 degrees today. I wore a t shirt and flip flops.  It was the kind of day where, if Zach had been in town, he would've made his usual jokes about how wouldn't it be great to live someplace where the weather is just like this 9 months of the year. After a week straight of cold rain and clouds, today felt GLORIOUS.  

We took advantage of it as much as we could. As soon as the morning fog burned off, Quinn and I went on a good long walk.  I brought my big camera along and took a bunch of pictures that need to be properly looked at and sorted through, though funnily enough I think the ones above taken with my phone may be my favorites of the day. Q was tired, so much so that he refused to get out of the stroller and just wanted me to keep on walking, so that's what we did for a good hour or two and then went home where he napped till school pick-up at noon.  Once home again we had a quick snack and then went out the door again by about 1pm and I wouldn't let them think of coming back inside till it was after 5pm.  It was just too pretty, too nice, and looking at the forecast I wouldn't be surprised if this is our last really nice, warm day for a good long while-- next week it should be a good 20 degrees cooler than today, with it getting close to freezing overnight and I'm not sure it'll get a whole lot warmer again as October moves along. So, they played in the mud, then at the playground, then a bit more with our neighbors, and finally called it a day.  It was a good one.

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