Wednesday, October 03, 2012

fall leaves and muddy playdates

Remember how I wrote last week about enjoying the glorious weather we'd been having? Yeah, it's a good thing we did because it's been gloomy and rainy since about then.

The trees keep on changing colors and it continues to be gorgeous, though I'm hoping for some more sun again soon because the foliage really pops when hit by that golden late afternoon light.  For now, iphone pictures from cloudy, dreary days will have to do.

#latergram Yesterday afternoon. The colors are getting super bright, and I'm praying for a sunny day soon for better pictures. (It's been rainy & gray a lot lately) His tree is changing colors. Playing soccer with the neighbors.

Zach just finished Fall A (his first semester, only 4 weeks long), then left this morning for a school/recruiting-related trip for a few days.  The boys and I had a decent day-- Quinn and I had a date this morning with a new friend who's quickly becoming one of my new favorite people, then this afternoon D & Q had a grand ole time playing in the mud under their favorite tree with our neighbors.  Dinner and bedtime went pretty horridly, but hey the morning & afternoon were fun...
Enjoying a break from the rain....getting filthy playing in mud. Mud play Muddy boy.

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