Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Last Saturday was the kick-off party to welcome the new Tuck students and kick off the school year. The theme? TOGA! Apparently that's a bit of a cultural tradition around here.  According to wikipedia:
Toga parties were depicted in the 1978 film Animal House, which propelled the ritual into a widespread and enduring practice. Chris Miller, who was one of the writers of Animal House, attended Dartmouth College where the toga party was a popular costume event at major fraternity parties (such as Winter Carnival and Green Key Weekend) during the late 1950s and early 1960s. First lady Eleanor Roosevelt held a toga party to spoof the followers of the "Caesar," her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[2]
As it turns out, somehow both Zach and I managed to get through high school and college without ever attending a toga party, so this was our very first.  We donned our strategically-pinned pieces of fabric and went out and partied... or, well, at least till about 11pm when we headed home to relieve the sitter and turn into pumpkins anyway.  But hey, it was an experience, and a fun one at that.

Zach and I in our togas:
Toga. ; )

Even the bear got into the spirit:
Red, our Tahoe bear, is all set for the @TuckSchool toga party tonight.

What to do with your togas the day after:
What to do with the fabric from your togas after the party's done? Build a fort for your kids!  =P

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  1. Like I said on Twitter my husband and I looked at these and smiled. We've never gone to a toga party, Hope you had a blast, Im glad youre able to enjoy some festivities with your husband. I dont get out much but im trying to make more of an effort this year. Its funny seeing your apartment its so much nicer than ours slightly jealous :) my husband interviewed at Tuck but didnt tour the apartments - we moved in here sight unseen so ya. Shocker.

    Enjoy the fall and I love the photos.



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