Wednesday, September 26, 2012


#latergram Walking home yesterday afternoon. Barefoot buddies. Wagon ride #latergram

We've been spending lots of time outdoors lately, trying to soak in this amazing weather while it lasts.  It's been cold in the morning & evening, but pleasant and sunny most of the day. The trees continue to change colors, so every day there's a bit more orange and red and yellow that's replaced the lush green. The days are getting shorter-- I noticed today that it was dark by 7pm which brought on a small knot in my stomach as my fear and dread for the less pleasant aspects of this upcoming winter began to rear their heads.  Then I squelched them back down, figuring there's no use wasting this stunningly lovely time of year worrying or dreading.

With all our outdoor time, we've also had some great playdates and to use a cheesy cliche line I am starting to feel the beginnings of what could be beautiful friendships, both for the boys and for me. It's pretty nice to interact with people who seem so genuine and interesting, and to feel like they think the same of you.

Zach's been super busy with school and "networking" the past few weeks. I have a hard time complaining about it as handling solo dinner and bedtimes feels infinitely simpler now than it did just a few months ago.  It's not always great-- a few nights ago I made grilled cheese sandwiches in the toaster oven (fastest meal I could think of) while Quinn was screaming strapped to my back because it was the only way I could keep him from messing and fighting with Donovan.  BUT most nights go ok with only limited tears or upsettedness.

So, that's life for us right now.  I'm tired but happy. Life is good.

(side note: enjoy the cheerful posts while they last, I have a feeling there will be less of them in a few more months when daylight lasts 3 hours and the daily highs are below freezing)

(side note #2: a friend left the following comment on one of the above pictures on flickr: "D and Q are totally going to think that b school was just some awesome place you took them for extended summer camp." It made me smile. Zach says it's true, and not just for D and Q)

(EDIT- side note #3: No, we don't really only get 3 hours of daylight in winter, but I hear it gets dark by 4pm which is just about as depressing)

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