Tuesday, September 11, 2012

List Blogging: 9.11.12

Because I want to write a post that's more than just a photo dump, but don't have the time or mental energy to actually, uh, write much...

Listening:  to the clickety-clack of Zach typing on his laptop as he works on homework.

Eating:  Greek yogurt + cherry-vanilla granola. It's my latest snack obsession.  Completing the crunchy hippie image.

Drinking:  Contemplating a cup of tea before bed. Evenings are getting chilly enough for tea...

Wearing:  Jeans and a long sleeve shirt. A first this season!

Feeling:  Excited about noticing these first signs of fall (leaves starting to turn, air feeling cooler), but also  apprehensive about what comes after fall...

Weather:  Up until 2 days ago we've had solid summer weather, getting into the 80s every day. Then yesterday the high was 66*F.  This morning it was 39* when I dropped D off at school.  It's supposed to heat up again the rest of the week, but yeah I'd say fall is starting.

Wanting:  To get better at planning ahead. It's becoming clear that I need to be good about updating my calendar, keeping ahead of what's happening what week, etc- both school events but also finding out about fun things to do locally, to really take advantage of our time here.  I also want to start some loose meal planning, for the sake of making evenings easier especially on the days when Zach/s busy on campus through the evening.

Needing:  To become much more self-sufficient. I got pretty spoiled last year- yes, Zach was gone 4 days a week, but I had a lot of support and help with things like making dinner and washing dishes. Now I have to pick up the slack.  Speaking of, I meant to start a diaper wash tonight and totally forgot....

Thinking:  Of what to do this weekend with the kids this weekend, to get us out of the house for a bit and give Zach some time to take his first midterms (yes, midterms already. That's what happens when your first semester is only 4 weeks long!).

Enjoying:  Our little neighborhood and community.  It's been so easy to meet other families and kids who are close in ages to mine, who enjoy playing together.  It's even nicer when you click with the parents of the kids your own kids seem to click with.

Wondering:  How D will continue to do in school. He just started last week, and so far he seems happy enough about it. I wonder if this year we'll face the same battles we did last year, where he'd complain about not wanting to go (but then be happy and fine when I dropped him off) or if we get to skip them.  I guess we'll just see.

Ok, ok, I can't close the post without at least one photo. So here's one of me and my sweet, snuggly D holding hands.


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