Thursday, September 20, 2012

You guys, it is like stupidly beautiful here

Seriously.  Every day I get to drive these country tree-lined country roads just outside of town, occasionally passing a rustic little farmhouse with cute shutters on the windows, and now with the leaves all turning colors and starting to fall I just keep swooning at how gorgeous this place is. I think I'm noticing it more this week because of the changes that come with fall settling in, giving everything a new look so it's like everything is the same but also looks like a totally different place.  It's amazing.

Today we went back to one of the local u-pick farms and the boys picked pumpkins and apples for us to bring home.  And they got to see tractors, like, for real, carrying massive boxes of apples. And I took lots of pictures with my phone, feeling so happy to be here. I know I may be eating my words in two months when I'm freezing my butt off (it was 39 degrees outside this morning and it's only September) but for now I'm basking in all this beauty and absolute gorgeousness.

Pumpkin patch! Someone looks...suspicious. Gotta find one that's juuuuust right. In case you can't tell, they're each carrying a pumpkin *and* a monster truck, because god forbid you let go of either. Oh you know, just a typical ridiculously adorable farm in New England. NDB. Quinn checking out the big pumpkins. Picking apples "for Dad to have in his lunch!" Walking back to pay for his apples. Apples on the tree. Hello, little farm house. Hello, little tractor. (that's the last one, I promise)

See what I mean? Seriously.

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  1. Having lived in the NE all my life, I'm loving experiencing it through your pictures and words. Let me know when you're ready to venture to VT...we would love to show you around!



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