Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting through orientation week

I mentioned in my last post that I was a bit apprehensive about how orientation would go this week.  I'll be honest-- I was a bit more than apprehensive, I was mildly terrified. The past month has been great in so many ways-- getting to know our new neighborhood, new surroundings, meeting so many great people-- but they've also been really, really tough parenting-wise. Zach and I were both struggling with the kids who seemed to do nothing but fight and whine.  I just didn't seem to be handling all their normal kid stuff very well, and started stressing about how I was going to get through not just this week but the next several months of Zach being so busy with school (the first two semesters, Fall A and Fall B, are known for being incredibly, ridiculously intense).  Looking at his schedule for orientation was a bit of an eye-opener... I knew he would be busy but it's still shocking to see just how busy, already.

To give you a rundown:
Monday- We drove to campus together at 7:45am so I could go to a partner breakfast with the kids. He had orientation events till 5pm, then had a resumee intro session & peer review from 6:30-8:30pm (think he got home around 10-11pm after hanging out with people, too)
Tuesday- Zach was on campus from 8:30am till 4pm. We met up with him in Hanover for an hour before he had a study group meeting at 5, then a dinner event 6:30-9pm.
Wednesday- On campus from 8am till 5pm. There was an address and reception that evening from 6-8:30 but he skipped it to be home with us.
Thursday- This was their "fun" day- group-building activities at Dartmouth Skiway starting at 8:45am. We drove up at 4:30 to join them for dinner with the partners & families, came home around 7pm.
Friday- Today Zach had to be on campus at 9am and will be home around 6:30pm.

And it sounds like this will be about what we can expect for the the fall semesters.  Not only will he have lots to do for class, but there's also so many social events, info sessions and prep for finding their summer internship (including frequent trips to visit different firms & businesses), etc.  So yeah, feeling like I was struggling to keep up with just normal life and parenting duties when there were two of us around, I looked at this schedule for the week and was sure getting through the week would be hell.

To my surprise and amazement, the week's actually gone totally fine. I kinda feel like I kicked ass this week.  We had some fun things to do (including a few orientation events geared to partners & kids), we got out of the house, met up with a bunch of other families and kiddoes here in Sachem, I even kept up with household stuff like laundry and the dishes each day, etc.  I do give the kids a lot of credit for being in better, more cooperative moods which makes a huge difference-- big, big thanks to them for that.  But still.  I needed this week.  I needed to feel on top of things.  This week helped restore my confidence in myself as a competent (and even fun!) parent, like YES I do know what I'm doing, and I will be able to get us through the hectic-ness that will be business school for Zach.  I know not all weeks will feel like this, of course.  But this was just really nice and exactly what I needed.  Zach officially starts Fall A on Monday, and now I feel like I can look it in the eye and say, "Bring it on."

Here are a few pictures from the week:

Summer vacation is officially over...Ready for his first day of orientation. =)
All ready for his first day of orientation on Monday. Isn't he adorable? =P
A few of the Tiny Tuckies at the welcome breakfast this morning. @TuckSchool
Donovan playing with a few other Tiny Tuckies at the breakfast Monday morning.
Entertaining baby Maya (he *adores* her, so sweet!)
Donovan and our friend's 4 month old baby, whom Donovan LOVES. He is obsessed with her, wanting to be with her all the time and play with her and even calls her one of his new best friends. SWOON.
Putting big brother to work.
The monkey backpack has been unearthed.  It may come in quite useful with Quinn. And I honestly don't get why people get all up in arms about them.
It's finally cool enough to bake the blueberry muffin mix I've been wanting to use.
We baked! It was a mix from a box. But still! Yay domesticity!
Hiking through the woods.
Ok, think this one works way better (this could be addicting...)

Wagon ride.
Wagon ride.
Yellow galoshes, green apple.
Yellow galoshes, green apple (playing at the Dartmouth Skiway yesterday, in the new boots that came in the mail a couple days ago and are the ONLY shoes he'll allow to touch his feet right now)
Umm.....?? I don't even know. (Check out his shirt, though! =P)


  1. We LOVE our monkey backpack! Lenaic prefers it to being strapped in the stroller. I can get away without using it as often now (at 2.5), but for about 6 months it was a lifesaver. Literally.

    Love "tiny Tuckies"

  2. Great to hear you back to your more confident self- I've been really missing that, yet it's been really understandable. And I see it as I think mostly sleep deprivation, which doesn't go away quickly, especially under constant barrages of new challenges! You have GREAT kids and parent WONDERfully!! so, yeah, they're bound to be human and give you a run for the money, and react to impending new stuff (like Dad starting school or your fears about that) with unrecognized/unarticulated foreboding (?). Who knows. And then they cycle back, getting gradually better at calming themselves with and then without so much help. Sounds like you're rapidly developed a nurturing support system. Another specially wonderful thing about you and your parenting - intentionally having a village and providing that for them (isolation is one of the biggest factors in depression and vulnerability to stress). Keep kind to yourself. Love you!

  3. Love the floppy hairdo's

  4. Very cute. Im struggling myself. The end is near and I *am* enjoying the experience but I am always alone. Always. I just do the same stuff as you. Play with the babies and have a good time. Also how is recruiting going? My husband has a trek this week to NYC so ya. Even more alone. Sigh. At least homecoming is next week. Johnson's tent is insane. White linens and servers :) Cant wait to hear about Tucks. Okay done spamming you now. I really am enjoying your posts. Keep it up!



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