Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our day in pictures

Recently Donovan asked to go for a walk in the dark, so yesterday morning we set out at 5:30am, shortly after he and Quinn woke up, and headed out in thew near-darkness.  By then it was already getting light, but D brought the flashlight anyway so we could see.  We walked and raced and talked and noticed the shapes of the leaves on the trees along the sidewalk and the dense fog that obscured the big trees up ahead.
5:30am walk. Foggy morning (no tilt-shift on this one, just fog-blur)
We played with the neighbors at around noon. I forget who was outside first this particular instance, but often one of us will be outside and the other will join and the kids have a grand time (when mine aren't snatching toys from each other and crashing the toy trucks into everything along their way...ok , ok so they get along well enough....most of the time).
Playdate w/ the neighbors. One of the few moments when they weren't stealing each others' toys...
We had an oreo or two in the afternoon as a treat (how do kids instinctively know to open the cookie up and eat it as two pieces? Both D and Q do this and I can't remember anyone ever showing them to do so), went to the Dartmouth bookstore to check out the train table and pick up a book on motorcycles (Quinn's current obsession, above any other motor vehicles), and played in the lawn out front where Q had a grand time experimenting with gravity.
Is it just kid instinct to eat Oreos as 2 pieces? He was really enjoying this little game, lol.
See, you read all that and it sounds like we had this great day with all these activities and outdoor playtime and fun things to do, and I don't even have to ruin it by mentioning that we also watched like 5 hours of TV (well, mostly D... Quinn still doesn't have that much of an attention span for TV watching).  I would feel bad about it, but well when they're awake for 14 hours of the day that's just a LOT of time to fill.  And at least he chooses cool stuff to watch-- lately it's been mostly Top Gear or the Walking with Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Beasts/Monsters series (netflix streaming FTW! And I guess BBC, too).

So, yeah. That's basically what we've been up to lately.

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  1. Looks like you guys are settling well, so great!



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