Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: fall in the mountains

See the full set over here.


  1. where is that last picture from? It looks so much like the place I used to go to soccer camp (I guess most soccer camps in the mountain would look like that, but still...)

  2. Sara-- It's near the place where they held the olympics in Tahoe ages ago-- there's a turn off the highway and a playground, and behind the playground was this big soccer field. It was a really nice field, too, with the fancy astroturf... Zach was amazed at it was open for just anyone to go play in it.

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pictures!

  4. its very pretty!

    i guess it wasnt the same place, the place i went was about an hour from Tahoe.

    its funny, i havent thought about that place in ages!



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