Sunday, October 03, 2010

on my boring wardrobe and possibly-faulty camera

I've been meaning to sit down and blog each of the past 4 days, but never got around to it.  Life feels busy, even though daily activities are relatively few.  I guess part of that is underestimating how much being pregnant takes out of life.  At least I hope so...  am getting scared of how little I'll be able to do once I have 2 kids to care for, if I can barely get this much done now with one.

The overwhelming, all-consuming fatigue has stayed away most of this week, which is WONDERFUL.  I've been making a point to drink more water, get to bed a little earlier, and also switched up some of my vitamins (more B's).  Not sure which of the changes is responsible or in what combination, but I'll keep it up.  I'm at 30 weeks now, and I keep alternating between "Wow, 30 weeks already!  That's 3/4 of the way through!" and "Ok, I have 2-3 more months of this...  ugh."  Doesn't help that this kiddo apparently already feels like my uterus is too cramped and so keeps pushing OUTWARD around my belly button trying to make more space for himself, which is not very comfortable. At all.  And snuggling with D is getting harder as my belly keeps getting in the way of his moving arms and legs, and in short I'm getting kicked and poked both from the inside and outside.

But, then D comes up and asks to snuggle with my belly button, and points to it saying, "My baby brother's in there!" and it's just too adorable.   ; )

In other pregnancy-related news, I am very much looking forward to cooler weather if nothing else because I am so completely bored of all my summer pregnancy clothes.  I know the sooner I get into my cooler maternity clothes the sooner I'll get sick of them, too, but every time I go to look in my closet I just think, "ugh."  But I also don't want to go buy more, since I don't have that much longer to go and don't know if I'll ever need them again.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for Donovan's friend and nanny-share partner, Arjun.  It was a super fun time, D loved all the toys and activities they had set out, and I busied myself with taking pictures of everything for them.  I'm going through the photos now, and some are great... and others, I'm really frustrated by because they came out really soft and I can't tell why (was it my fault in not using the right settings, or is there something wrong with the camera/lens?).  I printed out a focus test sheet and tested the auto-focus on my 17-85mm lens and it seems to be back-focusing severely at 17mm, but be spot-on at 85mm... which corresponds well with how the pictures turned out but seems very odd, haven't heard of that before so not sure if, again, it's user-error or what.  Would love input from any of you other photography-types.

And now it's already 4pm on Sunday afternoon, and I've got a few more moments of solitude while Zach and D ride around the block in the 3-wheeled push scooter a neighbor just passed on to him, and I think I'll go put my feet up, eat some chocolate, and thumb through the Parents magazine that just arrived the other day, nearly a month late.



  1. Glad I found this useful informative read!

  2. my shutter button only works when I push down in the middle and hard. I feel your pain. I keep looking at 5d's and dreaming.



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