Friday, October 15, 2010

PS- Blog Action Day 2010: WATER

Today is Blog Action Day, and the topic is WATER.  I never got it together enough to officially sign up to participate, but as I pondered where I am in life right now, today-- pregnant, and constantly thirsty; celebrating the healthy, safe birth of my sister's child-- I figured I could take a minute to write a few words.

First of all, as a woman who is 7 months pregnant, I *need* water. Constantly.  I chug it all day long. If I don't, I notice the difference in how I feel, and I know it makes a difference in my health and that of my growing child.  I am lucky that I can simply walk to any of the many taps in our house and pour clean, clear water into my glass to drink.

As a new aunt, and soon to be a mother of two, I also cannot ignore the massive impact access to clean water has on childbirth-- it is one of the biggest factors in how to lower maternal and infant mortality.  It's that simple.

My personal favorite water-related charity is charity: water.  Check them out to see what they do, or look through some of the links on the Blog Action Day website to read even more great info on water, why it's so important (did you know that dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war?), and how you can help the nearly 1 billion people worldwide who don't have it.

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