Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pizza Company

A few weekends ago Zach, D, and I went to Arjun's 2nd birthday party.  It was a great big bash, with tons of kids and cool toys for them to play with.  For food, they had hired The Pizza Company, a small business that has a mobile woodfired pizza oven that they bring around to several of the area's farmers markets, and also use for catering events.

I have to say I was pretty disappointed that they don't have a brick-and-mortar restaurant, because this pizza was some of the best I've ever had.  Seriously.  It was amazingly delicious.  They made everything from classic pepperoni, to gorgonzola and caramelized onion pizza, and at the party even made one with figs used as a topping.  Most (if not all) of their toppings come from other local farmer's market vendors, so everything is fresh and local.

As you can tell, I was so blown away by their food and service that I felt compelled to write about them here, and I highly recommend them to anyone in Sacramento who's looking for party catering.


  1. Now I want some pizza!!!

  2. Glad you wrote about them! The pizza's do look amazing!

  3. that is some seriously good pizza, but marcy, those are some seriously perfect white balance photos. what did you do?? are you shooting in manual? they are beautiful!

  4. What a cool idea! Traveling wood-fired pizza... the things people come up with never cease to amaze me.



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