Tuesday, October 05, 2010

where did my time go?

It seems lately I've been spending less and less time at the computer.  During the day, I've been having to avoid it anytime that D is awake since the computer and TV are right next to each other, and if he sees me on the computer (say, when he's playing intently with a toy so I try to sneak in a few minutes of use) he'll come over and ask to watch a show.  Then he's also lately been wanting to watch Bob the Builder rather than Mighty Machines for his TV time, and while Mighty Machines is a DVD that he can watch on the TV, Bob comes to us via Netflix streaming meaning he occupies the computer while watching.  That leaves naptime, which is approx 1hr long these days and filled with things that need to get done.  And at night Zach and I have been watching Mad Men on nights we have extra time, or hitting the sack after the evening D-to-bed/dinner/clean-up routine.

Thankfully I have my ipod touch, so I can still check twitter and facebook way more often than I need to during the day... but blogging, as y'all can see, kinda gets the shaft.

We met with D's new pediatrician this morning.  I figured I should try to meet her and make sure we like her before the baby comes.  I expected a bit of resistance at our plans to birth at home, but thankfully while she did say she's completely against it she also leaves the decision up to us and isn't going to give us a hard time or anything.  So, that's nice.  And, nice to know that she is ok with dissenting opinion, that she won't be mad at us for deciding to do something different from what she recommends.

Tomorrow we get to visit a different doctor... D and I will take Sierra to the vet to check her teeth again.  I'm curious to see what D will think of it.  After the way me just telling him about the vet left such an impression a few weeks ago, I'm curious what sorts of play and conversations actually going to a vet visit with me and the cat will spark in him.

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  1. maybe like a dedicated half hour time frame in the evening? in between dinner and hanging out with hubby



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