Sunday, August 08, 2010

six word sunday: a sweet souvenir for the road

six word sunday challenge

We drove to San Jose yesterday for an overnight visit, to see friends and go to Sophia's 2nd birthday party.  It was really fun, though a bit surreal to be taking all those same roads we used to drive on a daily basis, that are not Home anymore.  We stayed overnight at our friends John and Carolyn's house, where we made the mutually-beneficial trade of using Donovan and their welsh corgi, Penny, to entertain each other.  It worked out quite well. ; )

Before we left Carolyn cut these flowers from her garden to take home with us.  They survived the 2hr drive, and are stunningly gorgeous.  I took the opportunity to play with the FxCamera app on the HTC Incredible Zach just got for work.  The good news: he now has a smartphone that I can steal borrow and use when we're out and about together! The bad news: Zach is now tethered to work by this virtual (but oh so real) leash.

(I shouldn't complain, actually, considering that he's working at a start-up his work schedule hasn't been very hectic at all. It's shocking to realize how different the expectations become when you leave the work-all-the-time-no-time-for-life Silicon Valley mentality...)

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