Monday, August 30, 2010

New Montessori Post-- Children & Toys

Just a note to say that I have another post up at  Here's an excerpt:

I’ve never been a big fan of toy boxes. They seem messy, and as if they’re designed for toys to get lost and/or broken in them. It’s hard to teach children to be careful of their toys when the way to put them away is toss them into a box with a bunch of other stuff. So when we started thinking about how to set up our son’s room and how to store/display his toys, I knew I didn’t want a toy box.
Instead, I wanted to set up his room as if it were his own private Montessori classroom. Which means, rather than toys being hidden away in a toy box somewhere, I wanted to find a low shelf to hold and display his toys so he could easily see them and where each toy would have its own specific place. 

I'd love it if you went and read it! =)

In other news, I dropped D off with the new nanny this morning.  He was SUPER excited about going back to Arjun's house all morning, especially since we were just there last night for a BBQ and he had a blast playing in the backyard with the toys.  The other parents there were amazed, D literally spent a good hour or 2 playing in the yard on his own, entertaining himself.  They asked what my secret was.  Honestly, this was the first party where I've been able to actually converse with the other adults instead of chase D around, so I was just grateful for the opportunity!

Anyway, so ever since we woke up this morning he kept talking about going to Arjun's house and was so excited.  Then we drive over, he knocks on the door, and the nanny opens it... and it's like he suddenly went, "Oh, crap!" in his head, realized what was about to happen, and turned to me with open arms and cried, "MOMMY!"

I came in, showed him his favorite truck among Arjun's toys, then gave him a hug and kiss good-bye, then walked out the door as he screamed and cried.  Ugh.  But, it's been half an hour and I haven't gotten a call, so he must have calmed down.  Hopefully the transition will go well, quickly, and the tearful good-byes will lend themselves over to happy waves out the window before long...


  1. Ooohh... smart little booger!!

    I know you saw this too during your daycare days: kids make a big fuss as the parent drops them off and leaves, but within seconds of the door closing, they're playing with the toys and their friends, happy as clams. Until parent comes back to pick them up, and the waterworks start again... IT'S ALL A SHOW. :P

  2. I really enjoyed the article, and must say I agree totally.

  3. Great article... And I too believe maybe he was scared but once a toy is around he will soon forget about worries and enjoy having fun!



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