Thursday, August 05, 2010


Today I went to what will likely be my last prenatal appointment with Kaiser Permanente.  I wanted to do this appointment to get to talk about the results from our ultrasound (and because the nurse practitioner I saw last time pretty much forced me into making the next routine prenatal with them), but after this there doesn't seem to be much of a point to continuing double coverage.  I can bring D with me to midwife appointments which is awesome, but to go to KP I have to find a baby-sitter and pay her along with the co-pay for the actual appointment, and since I'm already getting quality care from the midwives it seems unnecessary to spend that money and time.  So I'll take the glucose test at their lab when I'm around 27wks, then that will be it.

I am happy to report that today's appointment went much better than the last one. This time I saw one of the KP midwives-- Marcy Ronnenberg, CNM.  She burst into the room and was bubbly and sweet and so lovely, it almost made me sad that I won't be going back to see her again!  She was 100% supportive of me wanting a home birth (she used to work with a home birth practice) and said she and the KP midwife group were more than happy to be my back-up.  She also mentioned that the KP hospitals here in Sacramento are getting labor tubs!  I'm still sold on doing this at home, but it's very exciting to know that they're making these changes and making things like labor tubs and water available to women.

Oh, and she also gave me her business card with her voicemail phone number, so I can call her directly if I do decide to come back for another appointment at any time.  Love. That.

By the way, she said everything looked perfectly fine and healthy on the ultrasound.  Pee test, blood pressure, and baby's heartbeat all came out great, too.  I've been feeling pretty ok lately, fatigue comes and goes and as of yesterday all of a sudden I'm feeling indigestion and heartburn.  But, no other complaints.  So, so far so good. =)

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