Sunday, August 15, 2010

six word sunday: Oh, kiddo. You melt my heart.

We were sitting on the front steps, him eating a snack of dried mangos, when I realized how beautiful the light was and how it lit up his eyes, and I had to run and grab the camera. I get so few shots of him like this anymore-- he doesn't sit still long enough anymore.  Am grateful for these.


  1. Love it! What a great set of pics.

  2. These pictures are outstanding....I couldn't tear myself away from looking and re-looking over the whole set you have on Flickr around this moment and others you've taken recently. I am glad to know what he was eating, didn't think it was a donut... and wondered if he'd scratched himself or it was jelly or something. Can't get over the faces and his ease of just conjuring them up for you!

  3. When I look at him, he looks like Donovan. But some of your photos, he looks SO MUCH like you! Some of his faces/expressions are so Marcy.

    (Then some of them are pure Calvin. Freddy wanted to grab the comic books and find Calvin making those same faces... because, seriously, it's like they traced some of these photographs. You might need to dye Nev's hair orange soon...)



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