Tuesday, December 01, 2009

oh, elusive sleep

So last night kinda sucked as far as sleep goes.  D seemed to feel better in the morning, though by 2pm he was back to having a fever of about 102.  I called the advice line, they said if it goes longer than 3 days (started Sunday night, so thru Wednesday night) to bring him in to get checked out.  It does freak me out some that he doesn't have any obvious symptoms other than a fever (and seeming to feel like crap, at least part of the time) but he's still normal-enough-- and his fever low enough-- that there can't really be anything too seriously wrong with him, right?

I felt like a zombie all morning, and am being kind of psychosomatic about cold symptoms coming on, but felt somewhat better as the day progressed.  Zach also came home early from an event he was going to tonight, which meant he was in time to help with D's bedtime.  Very nice. I'm hoping for some decent sleep tonight.

As a random aside, I noticed that YogaBeans has a new post up.  That helped brighten my day.


  1. My son has had the fever with no other symptoms, other than being a major grouch. When I called our ped. office, they told me it might be a "fever virus" and just to let it run its course unless other symptoms arose or the fever stayed above 101 for 3 days. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry about it too much!

  2. Can he answer questions about how he feels? If so, you might ask him if he has a sore throat. That's one symptom that wouldn't be obvious from observation, but could be indicative of a diagnosis.



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