Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Day 3 (& still miserable)

Poor guy =(
Taken from my phone this morning
Today has been the worst day so far.  He was unable to stay asleep last night without me laying next to him, so I spent the night in his room again.  He woke up this morning-- when body temp is supposed to be at its lowest of the day-- with a 103 fever.  He was also MISERABLE.  He managed a few minutes sitting in his high chair while eating breakfast, but other than that I have been holding literally all day long.  I am not exaggerating, people.  We've spent A LOT of time watching videos/pictures/slideshows on the computer (that whole limiting-TV-time rule has gone completely out the window) and that keeps him relatively happy, but only if he's sitting on my lap (thankfully I have my iPod Touch to keep me somewhat entertained-- I've been updating on Twitter a lot). If I try to get us to do anything else he screams, and only screams louder if I'm not holding him.  Monday and Tuesday he felt crappy, but had moments (even if only a few minutes) where he'd seem ok and play with his toys.  He hasn't done that at all today.

He still doesn't really have any other obvious symptoms, and I hate that b/c I feel like I'm missing something.  So when he woke up with a fever still this morning I called and made an appointment to see his pediatrician.  Of course we couldn't get in with her till 4:45pm, but that's when we'll go, I suppose.  His fever did respond to the Motrin I gave him this morning, but it should wear off in time for the appointment so we'll see what we get there.

I finally got him to fall asleep just now (after a good 10 mins of crying and trashing in his bed before he finally konked out-- it really sucks when there's nothing you can do to calm your hysterical kiddo).  I just slipped out from beside him, and I'm wondering how long he'll manage to stay asleep on his own.  Perhaps I can sneak in some food and maybe a cup of tea.  *crossing fingers*

I don't know what the doctor will say.  I guess we'll see.

UPDATE: Turns out he's got a double ear infection.  That would explain why he's been so miserable. And not sleeping.  So we're now giving Motrin routinely, along with an antibiotic for the next 5 days.  He was already feeling a little better in the late afternoon to evening (though he still looks like hell), hopefully the infections will clear up over the next day or 2 and he'll be back to his usual self.  Unfortunately tomorrow may still be rough till everything kicks in, but at least we now know what's wrong which helps A LOT.


  1. Hope he feels better soon. And you get a break!

  2. Poor, poor baby :( He looks so sad! I hope he is feeling better soon, and that you get to sleep in your own bed tonight!

  3. Sending LOTS of hugs to both of you.

    Also, give him Band-Aids for his ears. That'll help. Band-Aids always help.

  4. Poor guy! He looks like R. did when she had strep. Pale and miserable. Glad he's responding to the meds so fast. R. used to get ear infections all the time before she had tubes.



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