Monday, December 07, 2009


D took his very last dose of antibiotics this morning.  Over the weekend he was still quite the grouchy pants, launching into a full-force tantrum if something didn't go exactly as he wanted-- which was often, since he himself couldn't seem to make up his mind about what it was he actually wanted.  But today went much, much better, I think he finally must be feeling more like his old self again, because the only times he got super crabby were at lunch when he was due for a nap, and at the Children's Discovery Museum this afternoon when we got there and the only thing we discovered was that they close on Mondays, and it was really cold, and D refused (REFUSED!!!) to wear a jacket.  And it really sucked at the time, but I think he was cold (ironically) and also disappointed about the museum, since I think he really did remember what it was and how much fun he had last time and so was likely bummed about not getting to go in after all.

Other than those two meltdowns we had a pleasant day.  He stayed pretty busy playing with his trucks and emptying every piece of clothing from the second drawer in his dresser.  Silly me tried to put them back, but no they CLEARLY do not belong in the DRAWER, silly woman!  No, their proper place is scattered all over the floor.  And also in the laundry hamper.  I don't think we can keep his dirty clothes in his hamper anymore due to this new habit of putting clean clothes in there, too.  He's very into taking things from one place and putting them someplace else, and then doing the reverse all over again, and it truly is fascinating to watch.  Turns out he's quite heart-meltingly adorable when he doesn't feel miserable and isn't screaming all the time.  I sometimes forget that...


  1. You need to train him to take the things you need moved from A to B...

  2. Marcy,

    I'm with you about the water and toilet paper. Probably best to teach appropriate use or else you might find like I did once, that the kid puts a bunch of TP in the toilet and flushes it a bunch and floods the house. Carpet ruined, etc. They were having a ball.

    Just how you do that is to tell him what your doing and why each time you have a chance. Use every teaching moment that you can.

    We have a little seat or two and a stool if he starts sooner and you want to continue when you get here.



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