Monday, December 14, 2009

raising a future nudist, apparently

Today felt like a very, very long Monday.  Like it should be the middle of the week already.  Not that it was a bad day or anything, but for some reason it felt very long.  Maybe because a lot happened today.

D spent most of the morning pants-less, until I suggested we go down the street to his friend's house to play.  He then quickly accepted putting on pants AND changing his shirt!!!  The magical powers of friendship... and someone else's toys to play with.  Of course, as soon as we got back home and did the first diaper change he refused to put pants on again, and spent the rest of the day pants-less.  I swear he must be extra warm blooded or something, I've been in pants, socks, and a sweatshirt all day.

Several weeks ago we sent a letter (in French and everything!!) and pictures to Michele and Gerard, our former neighbors in Switzerland.  Today we got a response back from them, which was so wonderful.  It turns out their son, who was got married about a year and a half ago (and graciously invited all of us to the wedding), and his wife had a baby girl a few months ago.  They included a few pictures, too, and it just warmed my heart to hear from them, and I instantly wished we could visit them.  I know they really enjoyed watching Donovan grow up as a baby, and were just so sweet to us the entire time we knew them.  (Michele also did point out that the people who moved into our house don't seem very friendly, have hardly said hello twice in the year they've been there.)

Less than a week now till we go to Texas for the holidays.  I think it's fair to say all 3 of us are counting down the days.  ; )


  1. Maybe you should buy him some pants with Jem on them.

    Have you been letting him read @maureenjohnson's Twitter feed? She's quite fond of #nopants.

    Hey, at least he knows to keep his nudity indoors, and to put on nice clothes when he goes to visit his girlfriend.

  2. hehehe. My daughter's started trying to dress and undress herself now.

    All is fine and well as long as it's pants, socks, and hoodies that she's trying to remove - you can watch the frustration level increase in her face when she tries to remove tights :) especially when mummy puts them UNDER a onesie. ;-)

    She is cute trying to dress herself though. Mitts make it onto 4 fingers, socks are placed on top of her foot, and she can wear daddy's slippers ;-) hats also make it onto the head at a jaunty angle.

  3. how sweet about michele and gerard! why didn't those thoughtful skills transcend down to me? it'd be awesome to keep in touch with quelly and andres (my host parents in chile), for example...i'm even facebook friends with my host bro mauro!
    but what can you expect from a gal who send a thank you card a month late? and still feels proud of herself for having sent it at all? shucks



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