Monday, December 21, 2009


Guess what time D woke up this morning?  Seven thirty am!
(and he went to bed around 8:30pm- local time- so even got a good 11 hours of sleep, woot!)

Guess what time I woke up this morning?  TEN!  TEN AM!

Yes, it was glorious.  D woke up a few times overnight, sure, BUT he slept in a bit, and most importantly there were grandparents to get up with him so that Zach and I could sleep in.  At least I assume Zach slept in, too, as I don't remember him getting up and he wasn't still in bed when I woke up, but I assume he slept in a little at least.  Can't let these sorts of opportunities pass you by, you know.

Unfortunately I noticed D seem a bit congested as he was trying to go to sleep last night, and that's continued through today.  I don't know if this is an oddly-timed cold, or if he might be showing signs of seasonal allergies.  He was definitely congested pretty much the entire time last time we were here, which I chalked up to a regular cold, but the fact that he's stuffed up again and right after getting here seems... suspicious.

Other than that, D is having a great time.  He recognizes everyone, or at least seems to, and has been pretty instantly comfortable with them (whereas he's been showing more signs of stranger anxiety with others).  Both my dad and Zach's parents have already started giving D some of his Christmas presents.  D helped his grampa make cinnamon rolls this morning, and then put together his toy wagon.  He's a very helpful guy.  He spent most of the rest of the day playing with all sorts of toys, both old (relics saved from Zach and Andrew's childhoods) and new, and family.  Jen and I ducked off and had a fun afternoon hanging out and shopping on South Congress.  I actually brought my camera along this time, and got some fun pictures, I think.  Hopefully can get to sorting through those in the next day or 2.

But, despite sleeping in this morning, I am still utterly exhausted.  And you never know what the night will hold (I already had to stop in the middle of writing this post to go help D fall back asleep after waking up crying) so off to bed I go...

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  1. Marcy, first of all... yeah on the sleeping in!! Funny that we were just talking about your lack of sleep on Saturday - the universe must have been listening, too (and heard our silent wishes for your better night's sleep!). Secondly, thank you for posting the great photos from our coffee AM; I love them all. And finally, this poinsettia shot is gorgeous!! Please let me know if you put that on a card for your Etsy shop. I would be first in line to buy it!! Have a great time at Chuy's... someday we'll get back there! Kathy



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