Saturday, February 09, 2008


Just a quick note to let everyone know that we're all home now, and everything's great. I think this whole ordeal was much more stressful and traumatic for me than it was for Donovan, thankfully-- he was an absolute champ, slept through pretty much everything and hardly even fussed. I am also extremely pleased that after several days of attempting breastfeeding and pumping afterwards to make up for what he couldn't take himself (due to poor latch/sucking skills and being so zonked from the jaundice) Donovan is now also eating like a champ which makes Mom SO HAPPY and relieved. I was so worried I'd end up having to pump most of his meals for a while, or not produce enough for him, etc. However in the past day or so he's really gotten the hang of it and is quickly and easily taking his fill. I've been faithfully applying lanolin after each feeding, too, which seems to be helping a lot towards keeping me from getting too sore.

Speaking of, a little someone's calling my name.


  1. Yeah!! So glad he's home where he belongs and glad to hear he's nursing well too. It's so hard at first, but once they learn how to do it, life is so much easier. And don't panic when in about 10 days he starts eating around the clock and you think that he's not getting enough....that's a normal growth spurt :)

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM


    Mom's email sang your praises. I can't imagine going through the stress of giving birth, and before having time to think about recovering, or even resting, having to deal with a visit to the hospital - the worry and fear, all the while trying to catch two consecutive hours of sleep in a ratty recliner, with not-so-helpful nurses atting to the experience.

    You're amazing.

  3. Yay! I had a friend who went through the same experience and it made breastfeeding so challenging. It's already challenging in the first place - so you really are a superhero - a superhero mama!

    Ditto what cherise said - know that when you think you have established a rhythm, he will suddenly change over night. Keep going with the flow, don't worry about the long term (nothing you do now will have a life long impact), and that you should just go with what feels right for you, Donovan, and your family! Woo-hoo!

  4. fantastic news. we have been thinking about you everyday! so how is the "customer service" at the hospitals? i hope better than in the shops!

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Yeah, that growth spurt freaked me out because Ryan would suck for a minute and then stop, just long enough to get the flow going. Turns out she was building my supply for her 6wk growth spurt.
    Ryan had trouble latching and figuring out what to do, but she did great and I know you/he will too.

    KEEP UP THE LANOLIN!! It is a lifesaver.

    Ryan says she wants to see Donovan in person :) Thought a new cousin would help with her yearning for a sibling, but nope - made it worse.




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