Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sleep! And a growing baby!

Last night was my first night of good sleep in a while. Not that it was the first time I was able to sleep for a few hours-- Donovan has been gracious enough to sleep for good 3-6 hour stretches at night (I KNOW isn't he great? We'll see how long it lasts...). However I have had a hard time actually sleeping restfully during those hours b/c my mind is racing with thoughts and questions of if he's feeding enough, and should I wake him up to eat? And I end up having these anxiety-induced-half-dreams that wake me up every hour (or more) feeling very disoriented and at times genuinely surprised that there's not an infant attached to my boob. Especially with him sleeping longer at night, and then he'd only get 7 feedings in during the day which my books clearly state baby must be eating AT LEAST 8 times a day or else he'll shrivel up and die. Nevermind that he seems to be a happy, satisfied baby who's pooping and peeing around the clock.

But yesterday I got to take him in to the pediatrician's office to get weighed, the ultimate check to make sure he's been eating enough. He was last weighed by Natalie at 10 days old and he was 3.580kg (so just 20g under his birth weight). According to the books he should be gaining an ounce (30g) per day now, so I'd estimated that he should weigh about 3.730 kg for him to be gaining appropriately. Well, Donovan weighed in at a whopping 3.815kg! So I'm finally able to take my mom's advice fully and quit worrying so much and just let him tell me when he wants to eat. I think this also calmed my mind enough to give me a break last night.


In other news, I don't know if it's the novelty of these new items strewn all over the house or if Sierra actually likes the baby's smell or what, but she's been climbing into and onto everything he touches it seems. The stroller we got came with a bassinet which we've been using as his bed downstairs for daytime naps, and I caught her sleeping in it at least 3 times yesterday. She also loves to sit on his changing pads, blankets, even the waterproof sheet I have on the bed to keep my boobs from leaking onto the mattress at night (maybe she likes my milk smell?). Perhaps this is a habit we should stop, but Sierra never gets into his stuff when Donovan is already occupying the space, and we're hoping this will also help his immune system. ; )


  1. Great job MOM! Sounds like you are taking excellent care of Donovan.

  2. i agree, and i love the photos of him in the texas shirt!!

  3. Way to go Mom!!! You're doing a great job. I know it doesn't matter how much we hear it, it's not til we see the weigh-in that we can convince ourselves it's true ;-)

    LOL at Sierra. Chakapu did the same thing. The only thing I'd be concerned about is potential shedding, but it never bothered Angelina.

  4. Cleo still sleeps in Ryan's car seat every chance she gets, and Yzma sleeps ON RYAN! They're best buddies now, but I was continually chasing Yzma out of Ryan's crib, car carrier, changing pads ... everything!

    I like the smell of baby, they're very sweet smelling.

  5. Congrats on the weight gain! For what it's worth--vetran that I am with a 5-month-old, LOL--I never counted feedings. Once she slowed down and started feeding for shorter periods less frequently I did but more to try to work out a schedule. So, no worries, mama--you are doing great! Hope you can finally get some well-deserved sleep!

    Yeah, and we figure the dogs are helping to build Ellie's immunity as well ;-)



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