Thursday, February 21, 2008


Mom watched Donovan today while I went into town and met up with the girls for lunch. It was nice getting out on my own and seeing them again. Melanie even got me some very pretty flowers. =)

Somehow the outing left me utterly exhausted, though... and apparently Donovan, as well. After coming home from lunch I fed him around 4pm and then we both went to sleep for a few hours, then I finally woke him up at 8pm to eat again, and then he went right back to sleep again. I'm hoping this doesn't mean he'll be up late at night instead.

Sierra jumped up on my lap while I was feeding Donovan earlier this afternoon. Or, well, jumped on my knees, since that was the only part of my lap really available to her. She sat for a few minutes before jumping off again. It was very cute. =)

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