Saturday, February 23, 2008

Milestones (sort of)

I shaved me legs the other day. For the first time in, um, 5 months? Yeah.

Today was the first day I was able to take a shower without having to turn the water pressure way way low b/c of the pain the water droplets would inflict on my tender nipples. I guess there really is something about the magical 3-week breastfeeding milestone, where things tend to get a bit easier (and less painful).

Donovan was doing some tummy time with Zach earlier today and he was holding his head up for a good 10-20 seconds straight. Pretty impressive. What's really adorable is when he works so hard to lift his head that he lifts his legs up too for leverage and he ends up with basically just his chest touching the ground.

Zach was feeling a bit upset recently about how Donovan kept peeing in the middle of when he was changing his diaper. Well, today we one-upped him. After feeding Donovan I changed his diaper, then just as I picked him up I felt something wet and looked down to see his leg and part of my shirt all wet. Apparently he'd picked that moment to pee himself a river, which must've then leaked out his diaper and down his leg and onto both of us. Mom was right there beside me when it happened, and after exchanging some puzzled looks we laughed as we changed his clothes again.

Which, btw, I was convinced we had WAY too many clothes for him, but we're going through them like there's no tomorrow. It's pretty amazing. That and burp rags-- get twice as many burp rags as you think you'll need. It's getting better now, but last week while nursing I was leaking so much from whichever boob was not feeding him at the time that I was using 2-3 rags at a time trying not to leak all over him, me, or the chair. NUTS.


  1. hey, milestones are milestones! :)

  2. Finn pees almost every time we change his diaper. It is almost unbelievable he can do that, but little boys are good at that! We go through onesies and outfits at a rapid pace :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! Finn is 2 weeks tomorrow, so a little younger than Donovan!

  3. Tip from my former Nanny Days: all boys pee when you take the diaper off. As soon as the cold air hits their "bits and pieces," it causes a predictable reaction.

    When I would change the diapers on a boy, I would always have a cloth next to me. Undo diaper, wait to see if he's going to pee, cover quickly with cloth, then change diaper.

  4. My friends got a pee-pee tee-pee as a shower gift. I babysat a little boy and was worried about that, having heard from my friend Lauren about her boy-diaper experiences



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