Friday, February 15, 2008

Jack Newman, Breastfeeding Guru

I came across this website the other day that has loads of very useful info on breastfeeding. One of the lactation consultants at the hospital had actually mentioned this guy to me while we were there, and I'd forgotten to look it up until I came across the link randomly. He has some videos up that you can watch to help with latching-on and knowing what kind of sucking motions to look for to tell if baby's getting milk, and also different pamplets with info. He goes a little overboard in my opinion as far as being very anti-bottles/pacifiers/anything other than the breast (sometimes a mom wants a break, ya know?) but I have already found this site incredibly helpful and have a much better sense now for how well feedings are going (how much milk he's taking in, when he slows down, how to tell when he's more or less done).

We bought a stroller today! =) All 4 of us went (Donovan included) shopping, I was a bit worried about how it'd go and if I'd need to feed him while in the store, etc, but he slept the whole time in his car seat and never made a peep. We went ahead and got this stroller package, which comes with a car seat which we don't need, but it seemed like the best deal and so we may try to sell the extra seat. I'm excited about being able to clip the car seat into the frame, and also to have the bassinet for these first few months. It's been fun taking him for walks in the sling, but it'll be nice having the stroller option, too. It may not be quite as light, etc, as the Bugaboos, but this set-up seems like it'll be the most useful for these first 6+ months at least.

Last night Mom baby-sat while Zach and I had a Valentine's dinner next door. The restaurant staff were excited to see me sans belly and even had a gift ready for the baby (a set of rubber duckies for bath time). We'll have to stop by and show Donovan off to them sometime while out on a walk... I would take him over for dinner, too, except I don't want my baby inhaling all that smoke. =(


  1. Congrats on the new stroller and dinner for valentines day! And I'd agree, I wouldn't want my newborn around the smoke either. Glad your mom was there for ya.

  2. Yay for the Valentine's date! Neat stroller too. I'm tempted by it myself. Sounds like you guys are all doing great! The bf link is very interesting too. I've never seen it before, I'm going to have to check it out more.



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