Wednesday, May 21, 2014

list blogging 5.21.14

listening to: right now, this musician called Hozier. A friend on facebook posted one of his songs (Take Me To Church-- the song is beautiful, but as a warning the video is heartbreakingly sad) and now I am listening to his other stuff on spotify. So far I'm digging it.

reading: today I read through part of Alice in Tumblr Land, a book I picked up on a whim at the library. It's modern-day mini-retellings of classic fairy tales, with social media stuff thrown in. Pretty clever.  Yesterday I read through Cardboard, a graphic novel (another library borrow) that another friend recommended. I've never really read graphic novels before, but I really enjoyed it.

weather: we've had a lot of gorgeously warm sunny days lately. We've broken out the water table and squirters, and are having all sorts of talks about what IS and IS NOT appropriate for squirting with water. The Upper Valley is greening up and in full bloom.

loving: the golden glow of the end-of-the-day sunlight at this time of year, especially the way it lights up the superbrightgreen freshly newborn leaves sprouting on all the trees. I'm still trying to get back in the swing of running regularly again (why is it always so hard to find the time?), and trying to make a point to go in the evenings, when this light hits.

feeling: well, to be honest, a lot of the same mess of emotions I wrote about last month. Spring is beautiful and wonderful and amazing. Thinking of our upcoming move feels overwhelming. I find myself feeling annoyed at how much stuff we have and having to figure out what to do with it all. And there's that knot that keeps jumping into my throat every time I look at the calendar and remember that our best friends are moving away in just a few short weeks.

trying to figure out: housing in California. There was one 3bd duplex that was a strong possibility, but it was offered to someone else. Most of the other houses listed are available immediately, meaning too soon for us, and there's a strong possibility that we won't know our next address till the last week or 2 before we move. We did buy our plane tickets, we officially fly out west the last week of June. Whoa.

looking forward to: part of me wants time to slow down right now and extend this period for as long as possible. But part of me also is really looking forward to having all our moving stuff settled and done already, to being there, and getting to settle into this next phase of life, back on the west coast.

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