Tuesday, May 06, 2014

home again

Zach and I got back home today from  our whirlwind trip(s). We had an awesome time, and I got to not only attend but be part of the two funnest weddings I have ever seen. The rest of Danyelle's bridal party was made up of some very fun people, they were a great crew to spend the week+ with. And, Zach and I got to make a couple's weekend out of the Vegas part of the trip.

It was so wonderful and relaxing and liberating to spend that time away from the boys, to take off my Mommy Hat and not have to take care of anyone else for a few days. It was also really wonderful to get back home to them today, to see their faces light up when they saw me. It was great to get away, and it is even better to come back home again.

Now the kiddoes are in bed and I'm working on getting myself sorted again-- unpacking & laundry, going through all the emails I ignored all last week, trying to get my head on straight regarding all the stuff going on here (class pictures for Zach's school, fundraiser for Quinn's, upcoming field trips for Donovan's... etc). It turns out life goes on, even when you're off having fun. Welcome home.

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