Tuesday, May 20, 2014

flowers and ferns

I rarely bring my big camera along for kid-related outings, mostly because unless I have some back-up it's too hard to try to take pictures (at least ones that are more than just quick snapshots) while also keeping an eye on the kids. A week or 2 ago D's school went on a field trip to pick daffodils at the school director's home, and since Zach and I were both able to go I was free to bring my camera along and do my thing. 

There are many things about life in California, and the bay area specifically, that I look forward to, but I will miss something about the rural feel of life here-- all the green, all the trees, feeling so close to nature.  

Hello little leaf shoots, so happy to see you.
 Busy kiddoes picking flowers.
 D with one of his school buddies, showing off their daffodils.
 The chickens. They were quite popular.

 The daffodil collection.

 And other darling little hidden flowers...

 This old watering can may have been my favorite.
 Also, I love these ferns. I'm seeing them a lot right now. I love how they look as they curl up and outward. I also love how, when you see a big patch of them along a trail, it just makes everything look prehistoric... like I'm expecting diplodocus babies to walk past at any minute. 

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