Friday, March 28, 2014

grace in small things #3

  • As you can tell from the above photos, everything is still covered by a bunch of snow and spring seems to be takings its damn sweet time coming around. HOWEVER the weather forecasts are starting to show consistent high temps that are ABOVE freezing. #squeewoot
  • I was sick yesterday, caught a nasty cold that's been going around. I felt like crap and had planned to spend the whole day moping around indoors whining about how tired I felt and letting Q do kinda whatever he wanted. Then in the afternoon a neighbor stopped by and her daughter invited us ride bikes with her, and I was tempted to say no but the sun was out and it was surprisingly warmish outside so we went. The sunshine and relative warmth (or perhaps I'll say the lack of frigid cold) did wonders for my mood. I was glad to have been pulled out from my indoor gloom.
  • I know we're not supposed to like Orson Scott Card anymore because of his more recent horrid rants or whatever, but I read Speaker for the Dead this week and it may be one of the best novels I have ever read. I love getting drawn in to a really great story like that.
  • In the past week I've suddenly felt inspired to start doodling, and I'm finding it to be a really simple, fun, relaxing creative outlet. 
  • After being all out for several days, Zach went grocery shopping today and replenished my supply of dark chocolate covered almonds. And there was much rejoicing.


  1. I seriously don't know how you are dealing with the snow - but I feel confident it must be done soon, right? I will hope for you ;)

    1. It got warmer today and a lot of it is now melting. My heart leaps with joy. =)

  2. Dark chocolate covered almonds are my kryptonite.

    1. They are sinfully delicious.



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