Monday, March 24, 2014

a blast from the past--gems hidden in an old camera

I took a chance today and decided to take a couple rolls of film to our local Walgreens to get developed, and see how it went. Since it's cheaper and I wouldn't have to pay shipping, I went ahead and threw in a disposable camera that we've had hanging around for ages, that expired back in 2005. I had no idea what was on it, but figured it'd be fun to find out.

Oh man... what a treat. Turns out it I had used part of the film during a skiing trip back in I guess 2003/2004? In Lake Tahoe, California, back when I was trying to give skiing an honest chance (despite Zach's efforts, I just never took to it... oh well). Check us out, my god we look sooooo young...

Seeing the pictures, I suddenly remembered... I found the disposable camera half-used many years later, took the remaining pictures and then meant to get the film developed... which obviously didn't happen until today. This second batch must have been from sometime in 2009? Donovan was probably about a year old yet in these.

Amazing. That was totally worth the $10.

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