Friday, March 14, 2014

grace in small things #1

I'm realizing that it might not actually be the snow and ice and bitter cold itself that will break me this winter... nope, I think it will be seeing everyone else's pictures of green grass and blooming flowers and SPRING while I look out the window and see a sea of white (white snow, white sky, as far as the eye can see...), that's what might do me in. There is a LOT of snow outside. On our way out to drive the boys to school this morning I looked out onto the field and there is a layer of snow a good 2 feet thick covering the whole thing.

And it's still only March, and the snow's gonna be here for a while still, and I have to find a way to deal with that till spring decides to show its face around here, and so I'm gonna try jumping on the Grace in Small Things bandwagon because positivity! Optimism! These can be good things, I hear. And maybe this will help me shift focus to good and happy things vs grumbling to myself about the goddamn cold.

  • We went to the library today and I managed to not only return our stack of books before they went overdue (squeewoot!), but D really wanted to borrow the Pet Shop Private Eye/Sasspants books again so we brought 3 of them home and had the awesomest gigglefest reading them together. 
  • Every year at Christmas while in Austin we buy the KGSR broadcasts compilation. The latest volume introduced me to the band Wild Child, whose music is upbeat and fun and you can't help but dance around to it and helps counteract the gloom of winter.
  • I just updated my phone to iOS7.1 and saw that they changed the calendar app again, bringing back the old view option where you can see the full month *and* a list of a particular day's events on the same screen. Very exciting. (It's a small thing, but I had really missed that option)
  • A little before bathtime today Q jumped on my back and said, "Hey Mom, I love you so much I want you to give me a piggyback ride!" That kid is a hoot and a half.
  • I got to explain Pi Day to D this morning, and he thought it was as awesome and hilarious as I expected him to (he's really into puns right now so he especially loved the pi/pie connection). I even remembered how to do the proof of pi that I'd seen demonstrated once in a montessori elementary classroom a couple years ago. I had never really understood what pi was in school, had always just accepted it as one of those Important Things you memorize. I was blown away to finally realize exactly what the 3.14(etc) means, and it was fun to share it with D today. 

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