Saturday, June 15, 2013

don't panic

Don't Panic.

Zach left for SF early this morning. I'll actually get to see him next weekend for a retreat thing they're flying him back here for, after flying him all the way to the west coast today, whatever I'm not complaining. It was still odd to say good-bye this morning, and to think that he won't be back here in our house, or see the kids in person, until September. We had our first FaceTime session with the kiddoes tonight at dinner, and let's just take a moment to say HURRAY for technology. It makes such a difference when having to deal with long distances. 

I printed out calendar pages for the summer, and they're pasted on our wall with the dates of Zach's departure, return, and family visits marked on them. The boys and I put the first sticker on today's date tonight, to mark one day down and way too many left to go. I have to say, it was really damn depressing when I pasted those 3 calendar month pages on the wall and saw just how loooong 11 weeks is when you stare it in the face like that. I'm feeling surprisingly optimistic about the months ahead, though. I've got my lists and ideas for things to do and ways to keep busy, and hopefully be able to avoid having too many tears or meltdowns (on mine and the boys' parts).

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