Sunday, June 16, 2013

two days down, 77 more to go...

Yesterday my friend Jody and I were talking about toddlers, and how one tricky thing about toddler meltdowns is that often they'll be upset about something, like how you served them their snack on the wrong color plate, and you think the plate is the problem but it's not. The fuss over the plate is just the manifestation of their distress, but the real cause is that they might be hungry or too tired or who knows what else, and THAT is what needs to get addressed first and foremost.

Then this morning I found myself getting way too upset over what should have been a minor annoyance-- missing the hot air balloons at our second attempt to see them at a local festival-- and as I felt the tears coming on I realized this is not about the fucking balloons. No, the real cause was that it's fathers day, and my husband is across the country, and facebook was blowing up today with adorable photos of everyone else's husbands with their kids, and I just miss him

And it's only day two. Blargh. I'll get better at this, right?

Take 2 at the hot air balloon festival. Miss-timed things (again), saw a couple in the air while driving then this one giving tethered rides.
Ok, we did get to see ONE hot air balloon.

It wasn't the best start to our day, but it did get better. Jody and baby Sam stopped by for a well-timed visit later in the morning, and the boys spent the afternoon playing mostly peacefully outside in the on-again-off-again drizzle. We made pizza for dinner, and bedtime was mostly drama-free. I even got to go for an evening run, and as it turns out there might just be something to that stuff people say about exercise helping your mood and releasing crappy feelings. Now, time to go shower then curl up with a book for a minute before hitting the sack. Tomorrow's another full day.

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