Tuesday, April 02, 2013

interesting perspectives

So I joined a photography blog circle. The way it works is once a month we all post a photo on a pre-chosen theme, and link up to each other. This month's theme was "interesting perspectives." I don't think I did it justice at all, but no matter. My cats get very little photo love these days so I suppose in a way it's only fair to feature them every once in a blue moon.

By the way Nev lost her collar yesterday (again). I keep having to do triple- and double-takes to make sure it really is her rather than the other black cat in the neighborhood. And then I feel like a crap pet owner for having such a hard time recognizing my own cat.  Nev has been much happier lately, now that it's warming up and she's able to spend more than 2 minutes outside without freezing her little paws off. And Sierra is happy because Nev doesn't beat up on her as much when she gets to spend time outside.


Now if you have a moment go check out Terin, the next lovely photographer/blogger in the circle.


  1. Love the picture! And love the idea, so cool!

  2. This is an amazing photo! I love how they are perfectly posed.

  3. What cute kitties, and very interesting perspective.

  4. Neat perspective! It remind me of the cat I had growing up!



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