Sunday, April 21, 2013

six word sunday: melting into those big brown eyes.


Over the years people have often commented on Donovan's eyes-- what big brown eyes he has, how they're just like mine. Which I take as a big compliment. I never used to think much of my eyes, I thought brown eyes were boring and not nearly as pretty or interesting as grey or green or blue ones. But then D was born, and I've been enchanted by his eyes ever since. 

One incredibly fascinating part of having children is seeing your traits passed on to them (both physical and personality quirks/habits). I feel like it is such an honor to see some of my features manifested in my kids, and I know it's just genetics but it feels almost as if these certain aspects of myself were chosen as worthy to be passed onto these incredible and amazing beings, which itself feels pretty incredible (it's also really interesting to see aspects of my personality emerge in D as he gets older, though my feelings about that are a bit more mixed...). I never expected that having children and falling so deeply in love with them and their features, would lead me to appreciate some of my own traits more.

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