Monday, April 22, 2013

lecture link, spring break, and asw

Remember how I mentioned going to that lecture by Anne-Marie Slaughter a couple weeks ago? I finally wrote about it, over at the Tuck blog. So feel free to go read my post, or just skip on over to YouTube and watch the lecture in its entirety (about 1hour).

In other news, last week was kind of a big one. D was home on spring break all week, and I kinda feared it would be like how his winter break week went (where he and Q spent most of the week fighting at home bc it was too cold to go outside and the other indoor playspaces in the area were overrun with other kids also home from school). Thankfully, the weather cooperated and so we spent lots of time playing outside, and playing with friends both indoors and out, and having a pretty nice time of it all. Zach was also home thanks to a temporarily light class schedule, so that was an additional bonus.

And then came the weekend, which was this year's Admitted Students Weekend here at Tuck. Zach and I came for our ASW last year and it was kind of huge for me. That trip was a turning point, where I went from feeling mostly anxiety and dread over the whole going-back-to-school thing to feeling genuinely excited about this next chapter of our lives. This year we're on the other side of things, and I wanted to help out however I could. Zach and I attended the Diversity Breakfast Saturday morning, I helped out a little in one of the Partner panels (our panel for families got canceled, which was a bit of a bummer), and in the afternoon I lead a tour of our graduate student housing community and helped answer some questions. It was a long day, but fun and exciting.

It's a little weird to see the Class of 2015 banner up already...

Picked up my TP shirt & button for #TuckASW2013 this weekend. Woot!
We got t-shirts! =)

After a full week and weekend, it felt a little odd to get back to our usual routine this morning, of having to wake up and get D ready for school, and drop him and Zach off, etc. But, it's also nice to get back to "normal."

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