Friday, April 12, 2013

Aaaaand then this.

The view outside my window. That sound you hear is me quietly weeping.

The weather just a few days ago-- warm, sunny, amazing.  Today: well, I walked outside this morning to take the trash out and nearly slipped on the ice at the edge of our porch. Then it sleeted all afternoon, enough to accumulate into a good inch or two of slushy ice on the ground. 

Whatever. The sun and warmth will return soon enough. Despite the miserable weather, we had a pretty good day-- Zach took the boys this morning, dropping D off at school and taking Q to gymnastics class so I had a couple hours to myself to waste online do a few chores and catch up on some stuff. In the afternoon we had a fairly successful playdate with couple  of our neighbors.  D's going through this thing where sometimes when he plays with his friends he'll get really amped up and then get into this obstinate, rebellious mood where he pushes back on anything I say and will refuse to even stop and look at/listen to me if I try to tell him something. Yesterday he was playing with a few buddies after school and this mood hit and meant we had to leave early. Today it started up when his friend got here, but I pulled him aside and we talked for a minute in a different room (I think the privacy helped) and thankfully he was able to calm down and have a great time playing after that. It's a little disarming to see just how ANGRY he can get at me over seemingly little things (which are, of course, not at all little to him). But, also encouraging to find ways to work through it without digging ourselves into an un-win-able power struggle (at least, that worked this one time).

On an almost-completely unrelated note, David Vienna (one of my favorite internet dads) wrote a guest post on How To Be A Dad about his experience of not falling head-over-heels for his twin boys right when they were born, which is I think a pretty common thing but one that's not talked about openly very much.  I had pretty much the same experience when D was born-- I felt an immediate and fierce need to protect him and take care of him as best I could, but that overwhelming mama-bear LOVE that everyone talks about didn't come till he was a few months old.  So, for other parents who may have experienced something similar, it's worth a read to remind you you're not alone. 

Also, there's a picture at the end of David sleeping snuggled with his newborn boys which is quite swoon-worthy. (I'm sure this is an evolutionary thing related to wanting to propagate the species and all, but pictures of guys snuggling their baby/ies = totally irresistible. Just saying)

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