Saturday, January 26, 2013

When life hands you below-zero weather, make frozen globes?

A while ago there was a photo floating around on Facebook showing how you can fill balloons with water and some food coloring and freeze them to make these cool ice globes.  It has been COLD here the past week (cold enough that just now, after getting the kids to bed, I remembered that I hadn't checked the mail yet so I looked up the current temperature outside and honestly thought to myself, "Oh it's 10 degrees? That's not that bad, I can run out real quick..."  THAT is how cold it's been) so I mentioned this little frozen balloon project to Donovan who got super excited about it, and we've been experimenting with it for a bit.

Our first balloons were pretty tiny, so lately we've been playing around with filling them a little more. D adds a couple drops of food coloring in first, then we attach the balloon to the faucet and fill it up.  And then, we put it out on our porch overnight. By morning it is completely frozen, so we'll take off the balloon part and they really do look like this cool massive frozen marble. I've tried to get D to want to leave them outside in the snow as decoration (and see how long they last), but he and Q like bringing them inside instead and watching them slowly melt in a pan on the table.
We made a green ice ball (with green food coloring + water in a balloon). Now the boys are watching it melt inside. We froze water in another balloon. D is loving this little project.
So that's our cool little cold-weather project. Now that that's done, I'm getting ready for it to start warming up again outside. That'll happen soon, right? Right?

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