Wednesday, January 16, 2013

sunshine & snow

Three little dudes "mining" their hill of melting snow.
Monday afternoon was sunny and gloriously warm. Notice the lack of heavy snow jackets, hats, mittens, etc in the above picture?  The warmth and sun meant most of the snow melted away, but I was ok with that trade-off. D stayed home one last day from school to make sure he was finally really over the bad cold that plagued him all last week, so we had the whole afternoon free to frolick in the loveliness outside. The boys shoveled what was left of their snow hill with the neighbors for a while, then we met up with our local BFFs to ride bikes and found this great big puddle to ride through which was great fun (I'm a bit bummed I didn't get any pictures of it).  Then they realized their clothes were wet, and by then the wind was picking up and it was turning colder again so we went inside to change into dry clothes. Hey, it was nice while it lasted.
See, I told Zach we'd get more snow soon... (the driveway at D's school, don't worry I stopped to take this pic)
We woke up to a fresh blanket of snow this morning, and it kept snowing all through the day.  Only a handful of inches in total accumulation, but still-- I figured the snow wouldn't stay away for long. 

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