Monday, January 07, 2013

home, sweet (cold, snowy) home

Playing in the snow today...this was a few minutes before Q faceplanted in the snow then started crying to go inside. He may not be as fond of snow as his brother...
For those of you who've been wondering, we finished up our time in Texas and did eventually make it back to the East Coast last week. It was a trip that should have taken 12 hours to complete and instead took 21 YES TWENTY-ONE whole hours because our connection from Newark got cancelled and we ended up driving the rest of the way. Note that the same thing happened this summer, when my parents flew here with the boys from Texas and got stuck in Baltimore.  This is not a good track record.

Our reward upon pulling into our neighborhood at 2am that chilly (ahem, it was below zero) Wednesday night, was looking out the window to see everything covered in a blanket of several inches of snow. And despite being so utterly tired and wanting nothing more than to get the kids to sleep and myself to my own bed before starting the day again in just a few too-short hours, I had to stop and admire the stunningly gorgeous view.

God, was it good to be home.

The kids felt it, too.  D was too far gone by the time we got in and all he wanted was to just lie down in his bed and go back to sleep. But Q perked up a little bit and smiled happily at realizing that we were finally back in his home in New Hampshire, which he'd been asking about for over a week, and even more excited to see our cats again.  And you should have seen the look on D's face when he woke up Thursday morning and saw the snow through the windows...

The days since then have both been really awesome and kinda crap.  Q hasn't been sleeping well which means I've been surviving on little sleep, the boys both have this horrible sounding cough, and yesterday Q and I came down with pink eye (thankfully we were able to get a hold of antibiotic eye ointment so we're both just about all better now, just waiting to see if D will get it next... but let me tell you how much fun it is to hold a 2 year old down to put gunk in his eye when he DOES NOT WANT IT).  But it's also been so, so nice to be back in our own space, and to have had four whole days of all of us at home and able to relax, settle in, and just be together for a bit.  It's been so great to hang out with our local friends again. And D has been so incredibly excited about the snow-- he and Zach went sledding 3 days in a row over the weekend, D just could not get enough (Q is not as big a fan yet, partially bc we've had trouble finding gloves that he likes enough to actually keep on his hands and so, you know, he ends up getting kinda cold).

Zach started the winter term today.  Everyone warned us about how hectic and intense and busy the fall semesters would be, but it looks like the month or 2 ahead will be just as bad if not worse-- still a decent course load, with the added stress and work of prepping for interviews for his summer internship (which may or may not lead to a permanent position beyond that).  That's part of what felt so great about those few days all together last week, they felt like the calm before the storm that is about to bear down furiously. It was nice while it lasted... Now we'll just see how the storm part goes.

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