Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ramblings and pictures of snowy things

I realized yesterday that I have spent most of January trying to fight off some illness or another. We haven't been hit by the dreaded flu (yet, KNOCK ON WOOD) but I can't seem to shake this oh-so-annoying cough that makes sleep a bit difficult (also, talking).  I've been consuming lots of tea and honey and cough drops to try to help things out.

In other news, the next couple weeks here are kind of the climax of Zach's internship search. He's been prepping for this since September, and now all of a sudden it all snowballs-- he has several initial interviews set up, and if those go well he'll have to fly out for on-location second interviews which usually happen as quickly as just days after the first interview, and then offers should come in pretty soon after that.  So we may know where he's headed for the summer pretty soon.  Which would be really, really nice for two reasons: 1) we can then plan out what the boys and I will be doing for the summer as well, and 2) once this is all settled then Zach doesn't have to spend time recruiting anymore and holy crap I may actually get to see/talk to my husband for longer than 5 minutes in a day!  That would be grand. Seriously, this process has taken up so much time over the past 5 months (and especially the past weeks as he's been trying to fit in as many practice case interviews as possible), and I'm ready for things to kinda settle down a bit.

I took some pictures the other day. Lots of cute ones of the kids, and a handful of pictures of snow on things, and then I played around a bit with the Split Toning module in Lightroom (results below). I'm making it a goal this year to expand my postprocessing skills. I have so much to learn still...just gotta try to find/make the time for it. Somehow.
Untitled Untitled Untitled

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  1. wow, love those pictures!
    and hopefully Zach will land something grand, and soon! Kudos to him having those interviews - and West coast is where you'd like to be, right??



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