Friday, January 11, 2013

bright spots in a bleak week

I don't wanna bitch and complain too much (ahem, that's what twitter's for right?) but this past week has I realize I'm lucky in that I made it this far into winter before getting sick, but yeah this week the boys and I have each cycled through a mad cold and this pink eye nonsense, and to top it all off Zach's hit the ground running with school and been super busy trying to practice and prepare for his upcoming interviews (for summer internship) so he's been pretty unavailable. There's nothing quite like trying to take care of sick kids while you're sick yourself.  So yeah, it's been kind of a miserable week.

BUT I said I'd try not to complain. So, let's focus on a few positives that happened instead:

1. My camera's back! I called Canon on Monday to check on the repair status and was told they were waiting for a part to be delivered before they could even start fixing it. So I was really confused when I got a box in the mail on Wednesday with my camera inside... confused, but excited.  Not that I've had much of a chance to do much with it (other than check to make sure everything works now), but it's still very, very nice to have it back home and working again.  I've really missed this baby.
SHE'S BAAAACK!! My baby's fixed and back home! I was totally confused when I got the box, too, since I called 2 days ago to check on the repair status and they said they were still waiting on parts to be delivered.

2. They've been doing work on some parts of the sidewalks in our neighborhood, so Q and I ventured out into the cold and got to watch two diggers at work one morning. It was pretty exciting. Q spent the rest of the day telling me exactly what kind of noises each of the diggers made.
We actually caught the diggers in action this morning. Exciting stuff.

3. I've been writing for the Tuck blog, and as a thank you for my contributions I was gifted a Tuck mug and some other small goodies.  I know it seems weird to get excited about a mug, but I've been wanting to get one of these for a while but couldn't quite justify it as we already have about 1,000 coffee mugs. So it was a nice little surprise. It's the small things, right?
Writing for the school blog does have a few small perks... (I've been wanting to get a Tuck mug so was actually pretty psyched to get this =P)

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  1. This is not related but I was wondering if you could recommend any toddler books that are Montessori appropriate. Thanks in advance.



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