Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's been quite a past few days. 

The movers arrived Wednesday morning and packed up most of the house, and loaded what they pakced up into the truck.  D was immediately drawn to the moving truck, so much so that at first he didn'
t want to leave it to go pick up Lala (my mom) at the airport.  He loved watching them pack, move the boxes around, and load stuff into the truck.  Mom really helped keep him occupied so he wasn't in the way too much, and so Zach and I could be available to help direct or pack as needed. 

Thursday they packed and loaded the last of the stuff, finishing around noon.  We had lunch, then headed on down the road to Sacramento.  I felt a pang as we drove away from our house, our home the past 18 months.  It's been a good place to live.  The drive went well, though we did hit random traffic about 10 miles out of town.  It took a good 3 hours or so to load everything off the truck.  Again, Mom was a HUGE help in that she took D all afternoon and kept him busy so Zach could help direct and I could unpack as much as possible.  I ended up getting most of the kitchen done, as well as some of D's room.  Though later I realized I may have overdone it a bit, as by that night and still the next morning I was BEAT, not to mention my feet were sore from walking on the hard wood floors since we're used to carpet.  Our new house is also 2 stories, and goping up and down the stairs will also take some getting used to-- my calves are still sore today.

Friday Zach went to work, and Mom again took over D duty so I could spend the day alternating back and forth between unpacking and napping.  Now most of the house is fairly box-free, though the garage is, of course, filled to the brim.  I have a long list of things we'll need to get for the house (child proofing gadgets, rugs, bath mats for the TWO EXTRA BATHROOMS we now have!, etc).  But, the settling in is going well.  The house is very bright which I love, the location is great, we have a great little hidden driveway for D to play in and drive his fire truck around in... I'm very excited about getting everything set up the rest of the way and living here.

Yesterday we picked up Philip, Ryan, and Kevan from the airport, then in the afternoon drove up here to Tahoe for the week.  The weather is gorgeous, the house pretty nice, and watching D play with Ryan is simply magical (I joked to Zach that D might not need a younger sibling but an older one, instead).  And, we apparently picked a street with a handful of families that live here year-round who have kids about the same ages as both Ryan and Donovan, so they've already got a few playmates.

I'm taking lots of pictures, but won't be able to upload for a while (our computer is still in a box), but I'll try to post a few pics via cell phone to share. 

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  1. Yeah for settling down and hope your week in tahoe is a blast. Can't wait to see some sunshine photos.



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