Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend recap

We had a fairly productive weekend.  Saturday morning we went to Ikea, expecting it to be a nightmare.... it actually was not very crowded at all.  Yay!  We got a few things for here and there, couldn't decide on a rug for the living room so decided Zach and I would come back again in a few weeks when his parents are here (and thus we can go kid-free)... but the one BIG purchase we made as a NEW BED for Donovan!  We figured it was about time to graduate him from the floor mat to a real off-the-floor bed. ; )  We debated for a bit which bed to get, then decided on the KURA bed (which looks very un-cute in the Ikea website photo, I promise the bed is way cooler-looking than that in person, especially with the tent canopy added).  The cool thing about this bed is that in a few years we can flip the whole thing over and it becomes a loft bed, with play space underneath and everything.  D saw us putting it together, then went down for a late nap and when he woke up he was super cranky and cried when he saw the finished product... but then an hour or 2 later, when he was in a better mood, he saw it again and was SUPER excited, and has been in love with his new bed ever since (that's what he calls it, too-- "my new bed!").

That pretty much took over all of Saturday, then Sunday we checked out the big farmer's market downtown.  It was pretty crowded, so I let Zach do the shopping and took myself and D to the playground across the street... and OH MY GOSH this playground was awesome.  It had a whole space/galaxy theme, with different play structures for toddlers and older kids and all sorts of other things.  D ran around for a good hour, just taking it all in.  So far I've been pretty impressed with Sacramento's playgrounds.

Unfortunately, D has lately been taking a long time to get to sleep, then waking up by 5:30am.  He'll be wide awake and super happy and cute right when he wakes up, then a few hours later starts acting tired and cranky.  I'm not quite sure what to do about it, am hoping it's just a phase.  We may try hanging something up over one window in his room tomorrow night (the window faces the sun as it sets, even with the blinds closed all the way can be fairly bright).  But it sucks as he usually gets 10-11hrs of sleep a night and is now getting closer to 8-9hrs, which then makes it much more difficult for Zach and I to get a decent night's sleep especially if we want any time to do anything after he's finally asleep.  But, he's also gone through phases like this before and then suddenly snapped out of them... so who knows.  I'm crossing my fingers.

And I'm sitting here at the computer, yet again, at past 10pm, when I should know better and get my butt to bed... I think on that note, I'll say good night.

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