Friday, June 04, 2010

We won't be homeless after all!

Ok, so we probably were going to have a roof over our heads one way or another, but (thanks to Zach's pushing to make sure it all happened as quickly as possible) we've paid our deposit check, he and the owner have signed a rental agreement through the leasing agency, and we are SET to move in on June 10. Wheeee!  Since I haven't seen the  actual space myself yet (only pictures) I'm a bit frustrated at not being able to mentally lay out our stuff ahead of time, but that's a minor annoyance now.  I'm excited to get an additional 1.5 bathrooms, and an extra bedroom... I'll miss the massive living area/play room we enjoy now, but hey, you can't have everything, can you?  I'm also super excited about the neighborhood-- it's very walkable, beautiful homes, with shopping, restaurants, and great parks within just a few blocks.  Zach's already found a bar nearby that lets you brew your own beer.

My mom (wonderful, amazing, oh so helpful woman that she is) has changed her flight ticket so she'll be arriving Wednesday morning instead of Saturday, so she can watch D while Zach and I oversee the packing/moving/unloading of our stuff, and then focus on unpacking and setting up as much as we can on Thursday and Friday before everyone else arrives and we leave for our week away in Tahoe on Saturday.

Donovan is SO excited about seeing Papa and Lala and his cousin Ryan.  All last week he kept talking about wanting to get on an airplane and fly to Texas to see Papa and Lala.  I've been telling him now that Lala will be here next week, I'm not sure if he gets that or what his understanding of "soon" or "next week" might be, but he definitely loves hearing of anytime they come to see him.

I'm trying to figure out how to prepare him for moving to a different home/city.  He talks a LOT about how daddy is in Sacramento right now ("Daddy take mommy's car and drive to Sacramento!") and the other day we were pretending to drive a car and he wanted to go to Sacramento.  I've mentioned a few times to him that we'll be moving soon and will live in a new house, and also tried to explain that after we move we'll be too far away to see Scarlet or our neighbor, Rich, whom he ADORES.  He got real quiet after I said that the other day.  Anyone have tips for how else to prepare a toddler for moving away?


  1. Yay for having a place to live! Can't wait to hear about your adventures in your new city!

  2. I've been researching this topic lately myself, but haven't personally gone through it yet.

    One of the best tips I've seen thus far is to involve the toddler in the process. Probably not the whole packing up of his room, but perhaps packing a box or two of his toys & clothes. Discussing how it will go on a truck to a new place to live. And then on the other end, helping him unpack that same box in his new room.

    I read one person's account of how they tried to spare their toddler the chaos of the moving process. They were moving house within the same city so a family member took the toddler overnight while the actual move happened and then brought him to the new house. Where all of his stuff was. But it was a different place. And he completely freaked out. I think a symbolic box makes a lot of sense.

    In terms of saying good-bye to his friends, perhaps make it a small ceremony where he takes a going away present to them? But also talk about how there will be new neighbors and parks and children where you are going?

  3. hee hee, I was going to say everything GL said but she beat me to the punch. Also, stay calm and upbeat b/c he'll be reading your emotions for cues on how he should be acting. Remember that toddlers live in the present and adapt to any environment they're presented with, as long as they feel safe and in control of the situation (which is why it's great to involve them in the moving process).

  4. I love reading comments from your mom friends. Because they're so smart and insightful and helpful.

    The blogging community of moms has got to be one of the best things to come out of Teh Internetz.

    I think D's traveling will help with the transition (he's been used to being in new places: Austin, Tahoe last year, Yosemite...), so the new place will not be a TOTAL freak out.

    It does suck that this time he's old enough to have made friends, whom he'll miss and probably ask to visit :( But kids are made of rubber, physically and to an extent emotionally/mentally. He'll bounce back/adjust. As long as he has his Nev there, he'll be fine. :P



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