Tuesday, June 22, 2010

progress! (...at a snail's pace)

The drive back home was uneventful and even felt pretty short.  As we drove along Zach and I commented to each other how we may end up spending quite a bit more time in Tahoe and the mountains, as even with small children driving 2 hours to get there seems so much more do-able than our previous 4 hour endurance match.

Kevan and Ryan were off to the airport pretty quickly for their flights back to Texas, while Mom and Philip stayed overnight and flew out on Sunday.  Which meant that, with baby-sitting taken care of, Zach and I once again flew into overdrive, delving into boxes and trying to arrange for some space in our garage (we're technically not supposed to park in the driveway here, so we're trying to out enough space in our 1-car garage to actually fit our car into... thank god it's a tiny little Honda Fit. Not that it fits yet, but SOON).

All this activity, of course, left us both utterly exhausted come Sunday (and Monday... and today) but that appears to be the pace of life these days.  We are slowly making progress.  The house looks pretty good, even as I cringe thinking of the future Target and Ikea trips we'll have to do to find things like the area rugs we desperately need (at least in the living room & D's room).  Now, normally, I love trips to Target and Ikea, it's just that going with either a) a toddler who has zero patience for home decor shopping, or D on the weekend when I can have Zach as back-up, isn't nearly as much fun as meandering through the aisles on your own with the time to imagine what your finished masterpiece might look like.  If only D were potty trained already, we could drop him off at the Ikea kid's area for an hour or two... alas.

I did manage a trip to Target first thing yesterday morning, where I managed to entertain D with a toy I borrowed from the toy aisle (and didn't buy... is that horrible of me?) long enough to buy a small number of the items on my list, and also made it to the first meet-up of a playgroup I joined in the area.  This morning we checked out a local drop-in child care center, where you just go when you need to and pay an hourly fee to leave your kid there for as long as you need.  Seemed nice enough, a little out of the way, but will work for now when needed.  I'm also working on finding some local baby-sitters we can have on call, and who can then also hopefully help us out a bit more heavily in those first months after the baby is born (and perhaps allow us a date night every now and then).  And, I already have one appointment to interview a midwife later this week. So, getting lots done... but still lots more to go, and I kinda feel like I'm back in the first trimester again with how unbelievably tired all this stuff is leaving me.  Which is why I've only managed to get through and upload a small percentage of the pictures from our week in Tahoe (I must say, I do love our iMac but it's times like these when I wish we still had a laptop, so I could've been keeping up with pictures as I took them, rather than trying to squeeze it in now among all the other stuff we're trying to get done).

It will all get done.  Eventually.  *Deep breath*

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  1. You've accomplished way more than me in the past few days so I wouldn't say it's necessarily snails pace that you are moving at! You've done tons, major props and hope it all comes together as you hope!



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