Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The calm before the storm

Zach comes back from Sac tonight.  We'll need to pack clothes into suitcases for the weekend and then for Tahoe (so we don't have to dig through boxes Friday night).  Then tomorrow the movers arrive at 9am to pack everything up.  My mom flies in I think around 10am.  I imagine the day will be pretty much filled with loud noise and chaos.  We'll then spend the night here, amid all the boxes and clutter, and then Thursday morning load everything up into the truck (D is going to LOVE that part!!) and head. on. out.

I'm trying to mentally put our new house together, to figure out where all the furniture should go, but can't quite since I haven't seen the space other than in pictures. I told Zach we'll need to beat the movers and do a walk-through together first so we can figure it all out.  I'm sure we'll still end up changing out minds and schlepping this or that back up or down the stairs, but it'd be nice to minimize that.

I don't know what our internet situation will be like past tomorrow.  Zach's debating if we should stick with cable model or try out a DSL service (cheaper, but slower...?).  We'll try to get something set up for friday, but might not get around to it till after Tahoe...  which, the cabin (I love how they're called "cabins" even though they're usually very modern homes) will have internet, so if nothing else I'll be in touch with the world via Twitter and Facebook on my ipod touch.

I feel like I should be sad to leave San Jose, but I'm not... maybe because this move has dragged on for so long and been so stressful that I'm just really looking forward to being done with it all.  To living with my husband 24/7 again. To settling into our new space.  To find a midwife and be able to focus on this pregnancy and new baby I'm growing.  To be able to do something about all the to-do's I've had hanging over my head the past month but haven't been able to act on yet.   I know the transition to the new house will be tough, but the past few weeks have also been pretty bad, and I can see how it affects Donovan (he's not sleeping well, he's acting out... Saturday morning when Zach was loading stuff into the car to take to the park for our going-away party D started freaking out, I think b/c he thought Zach was leaving for Sacramento again).  There's also a part of me that very much believes that we'll either be back here to visit often enough, or move back here at some point again.  We'll see.

There are so many blog posts I want to write: pregnancy updates, birth plans, our experience the past week using cloth diapers (short version: so far, loving them).  But, those may have to wait till after we're moved, settled, and have adequate internet connectivity again.


  1. POOR D!!! Thinking his Daddy's leaving again so soon!!!! >:(

    The moving truck will be a fun experience for him, so hopefully that will make up some of the crappiness he's had to deal with lately... AND THEN HE GETS DADDY HOME FULL-TIME AGAIN!!

    (I know it's been crappy for you, too -- A LOT -- but at least you comprehend the concept of time and "He'll be back Friday" and you know what "Friday" means.)

    So glad you're getting help with the move: Zach'll be there, Mom will be there, and movers will be doing the bulk of the work. You need a break! Tahoe ended up being a well-timed vacation :)

  2. Good luck, and hope you have an awesome vacation. Can't wait to read the updates on everything you've got to say.



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